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What To Do When Your Pet Passes At Home?

How should you handle your pet passing on at home? Losing a cherished companion is an incredibly difficult experience, and when your beloved pet passes away at home, it’s important to handle the next steps with care and sensitivity. Aqua pet cremation, also known as water cremation or flameless cremation, is an eco-friendly and compassionate option for honouring your pet’s memory. In this article, we will guide you through the process of getting your pet ready for aqua cremation, helping you navigate this emotional time with grace.

What should I do when my pet passes at home?

When your pet passes away at home, it is crucial to follow these steps to ensure their body is properly cared for and minimise any potential discomfort. The most important thing to ensure would be to keep their body as cool and dry as possible and away from other pets.

Consideration and Steps to Take When Your Pet Passes at Home:

Step 1: As soon as possible,  place pee pads, old towels/blankets, or plastics under the pet’s head and rear end as they may begin excreting fluids.

Step 2: Carefully position your pet’s body in a curled position, resembling a peaceful sleep, with their front and back legs gently tucked toward their body. This position can be seen in the picture below.

How you should position your pets after they have passed on to help the aqua cremation process.

Step 3: Dealing with the loss of your pet is not a task you have to face alone. Please reach out to an operator for support and guidance. We are here to help and can provide advice on the appropriate steps to take and available arrangements.

Whether you choose to work with another funeral provider, we are still here to help.

Step 4: Take the time you need to spend with your pet and keep them comfortable while waiting for assistance to arrive.

It is best to make arrangements as soon as possible as decomposition rapidly takes place upon death, especially in Singapore’s climate.

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