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Our Collection

Memorabilia & Keepsakes

Crafted with
passion & Love.

“Where design, function, and sustainability come together.”

The story of a product or service is really important to us. The designers, artisans, and creators, their stories, and their energy. The materials, the history, the source, and the impact. and then the reason for making, the purpose, and most importantly the living connection. 

All these elements combined become part of both you and your loved one’s living memory and story.


Positive &
Unique designs

Suitable for Pet
or Person Ash

Piece Unique
& Hand-made

Enquire about our full list of products, details and prices.

All of the items in our bespoke collection require a lead time as products are made-to-order.

We will be happy to provide you with a complimentary holding urn while waiting for the item to arrive.

For a full list of our products, details and prices, please reach out to us below for an updated brochure that will include the details you seek. 

*Due to global instability, material costs and shipping fluctuate from time to time. Because of that we are only able to advise you on the exact cost, upon confirmation of your order.