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8 Ways To Cope With The Loss Of Your Pet

Losing a cherished pet can be an incredibly heartbreaking experience. Whether it’s a cat, dog, bird, or any other furry or feathered companion, the bond we share with our pets is often deep and profound. When they pass away, the grief can be overwhelming, leaving us with a sense of emptiness and sadness. Coping with pet loss is a personal journey, and while the pain may never completely disappear, there are ways to navigate through the grief and find solace in the memories of our beloved furry or feathered friends.

Some ways to overcome grief after the loss of your beloved pet:

Acknowledge and Validate Your Feelings

Recognising your feelings is the first step in overcoming the loss of your treasured companion. Understand that it is entirely normal to feel a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and even denial. Allow yourself to grieve and don’t dismiss or suppress your feelings. Remember, the depth of your sorrow is a testament to the love and connection you shared with your pet.

Seek Support

Reach out to friends, family, or fellow pet owners who have experienced a similar loss. Share your feelings and memories with those who understand the unique bond between humans and animals. Support groups or online communities can be invaluable resources where you can find solace, share stories, and receive compassionate advice from people who have gone through similar situations.

Honour Your Pet’s Memory

Creating a lasting tribute to your beloved pet can help in the healing process. Consider holding a memorial service or gathering with loved ones to share memories, photos, and stories about your pet. Talk about the love, joy, and companionship they brought into your world. Share how deeply you miss them and the void their absence has created. Create a tribute to provide a tangible way to honour your pet’s memory. This can include activities like writing a poem, planting a tree, dedicating a memorial plaque, or creating a photo album or scrapbook for your beloved pet.

Take Care of Yourself

Coping with grief can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, both emotionally and physically. It is vital to prioritise self-care during this difficult period. Make sure you pay attention to your personal needs, such as maintaining a balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep, and participating in activities that bring you happiness. Engaging in exercises or practicing meditation can effectively alleviate stress and anxiety. If necessary, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a therapist or counsellor who specialises in pet loss or grief counselling. Check out the resources below for options regarding pet loss or grief counselling.

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Allow Yourself the Freedom in Deciding What Best To Do With Your Pet’s Belongings at Your Own Pace

When facing the loss of a beloved pet, deciding what to do with their belongings can be a sensitive and emotional process. It is perfectly okay to keep these cherished items as a way to preserve the memory of your beloved companion. Give yourself the freedom to remove your pet’s belongings at a pace that feels comfortable for you. There is no rush or predetermined timeline that you must adhere to. Remember, this process is deeply personal, and you have the right to proceed in a way that aligns with your emotions and needs. Trust yourself to know when the time is right, whether it is to let go of these items or to continue cherishing them as a tribute to your precious pet. The choice is yours, and it is important to honour your unique journey of healing and remembrance.

Click here if you are still unsure about what to do regarding your pet’s belongings.

Consider a New Companion (or not!)

When coping with the loss of a beloved pet, one option to contemplate is bringing a new companion into your life. However, it’s important to understand that the decision to adopt a new pet should be made based on your readiness and emotional capacity. Adopting a new pet should never done be to replace your beloved passed pet. While some find solace and comfort in opening their hearts to a new furry friend, others may need more time to heal and grieve before considering a new pet.

Take the time to reflect on your emotions and gauge if you are ready to provide love and care to another animal. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this decision. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you. Whether you decide to welcome a new pet or choose to focus on healing without one, the most important aspect is honouring your own healing process.

Cherish the Memories

Spend a moment remembering the happy times you experienced with your pet. Take part in activities that evoke happy memories, such as looking through old photos, revisiting places you used to visit together, or jotting down your shared memories in a journal. Focus on the positive impact that your pet had on you as you embrace the love and joy they brought into your life. You can honour your pet’s memory and find solace in the everlasting bond you shared by commemorating these special moments.

There is no right or wrong, only what feels right for you.

In the realm of pet loss, there is no definitive roadmap or universal answer. The experiences of each person are incredibly unique and diverse. There is no right or wrong; only what feels right to you. Allow yourself time and room to grieve and to work through the feelings that wash over you. Adopt whatever methods that you require to heal, but remember to trust your instincts and embrace what brings comfort to your heart. Your journey through pet loss is your own, and by honouring your own needs and emotions, you pave a path towards healing and finding peace amidst the profound sense of loss. Remember, you are never alone, and there is strength in embracing what feels right for you.


Experiencing the loss of a beloved pet is a deeply personal and challenging journey. Throughout the process of grieving, it’s important to remember that healing is not a linear path. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you navigate the waves of grief.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. Each person’s journey is unique, and the timeline for healing may differ. Allow yourself the space and time to mourn in a way that feels right for you. In the end, healing from pet loss is about finding peace and acceptance while keeping the memory of your beloved pet alive in your heart. 

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“It is okay not to be okay”: It is normal & okay to reach out to these hotlines if you need someone to speak to (This is not a journey for one to walk alone) :

  Who is it for? Day Time Contact
Institute of Mental Health General public who wants to seek professional help Mon – Fri 08:00 – 18:00 6389 200
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) Anybody in crisis and the suicidal Daily 24 hours 1800 221 4444
Mental Health Helpline Those suffering from psychological and psychiatric problems Daily 24 hours 6389 2222
SAMH Helpline For people who have psychological, psychiatric or social problem and others who need information on services for such persons Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00 1800 283 7019
Care Corner (Mandarin) Mandarin-speaking community with family marital and personal problem Daily 10:00 – 21:00 1800 353 5800
AMP Hotline  Malay / Muslim families in crisis or those who need help Mon – Fri 10:00 – 17:00 6416 3960
Club HEAL  For Malay / Muslim individuals or families who require assistance with or support for mental health concerns Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00 6899 3463
Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA)  Indian families in need of assistance or counselling

Mon – Fri


09:00 – 17:00

09:00 – 13:00

1800 295 4554
Aware Helpline
(Association of Women for Action & Research)
Women with a variety of concerns  Mon – Fri 15:00 – 21:30 1800 774 5935
Counselling & Care Centre  For individuals, couple and families experiencing psychological, marital or family problems  Mon – Fri 08:30 – 17:00 6536 6366
O Joy Care Services For older people, families, and caregivers cope with mental and psychosocial health  Mon – Fri 10:00 – 18:00 6749 0190


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