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How Does aqua cremation work?

Aqua cremation is a safe, natural, and eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation and burial. The gentle and respectful process consisting heat, salts and flow of water recreates the condition and environment that in nature reduces a body to bone remains.

An accelerated version of what takes place in decomposition.

In nature the process could take years, but with the advancement of technology, this process takes less than 24 hours. The same process that occurs if body is laid to rest in soil.

The Process

Aqua Cremation also known as Aquamation or Water Cremation is a water based reductive/dissolution process which is an eco friendly alternative to flame cremation (oxidative process).

In a clean stainless steel system, a warm solution consisting of 95% water and 5% Alkali flows gently across the animal for a number of hours. 

The alkalinity and flowing water accelerates the natural course of tissue breakdown which in nature occurs during burial.

What takes Mother Nature months and years, the process accomplishes in 24 hours.

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Alkalis commonly found in many cosmetic products, soaps, and cleaners are used. The soap in the process lifts dirt and keeps the process sterile and clean.

ALKALi, not acid.

Alkali also known as salts are used, the opposite of acids. This helps create an alkaline environment for the process to work.

It is a common misconception that the Alkali performs the breakdown. However, it is actually the constant flow of water that performs the breakdown, like how water plays an important part In natural decomposition. 

After all, all living organisms are made out of water. 

(A combination of Sodium and Potassium Hydroxide – Alkalis used in this process are gentle and commonly found in cosmetic products, body washes and even food preparation)

What remains at the end of the process

A sterile combination of calcium phosphate, also known as ash/bone, and a liquid solution made from nutrients, amino acids, and sugars. This liquid solution consists of the building blocks of all organisms.

The ash and bone remains will be returned to the family in an urn. The liquid solution will be treated at a licensed treatment facility.

This liquid solution is also rich in nutrients and organic compounds, making it perfect for increasing soil fertility and improving the environment. Studies have shown that this disease/pathogen-free liquid solution is a natural and chemical-free alternative to lab-made fertilisers.

Bones before processing into ash

Bones before processing into ash

The ashes that are returned to the family is simply bone mineral, or calcium phosphate – the same as you will get with fire cremation.

Pet implant unscathed from cremation process

Pet implant unscathed from cremation process

metal will survive the process and can be recycled/returned to you if requested. In other countries, where the process is used for humans, items such as metal implants, dental fillings, silicone breast implants and even gold teeth (Low Melting Point) is recovered and recycled due to the gentle process and low heat.

Flame Cremation (left)  Aqua Cremation (right)

Flame Cremation (left) Aqua Cremation (right)

Bones from aqua cremation tend to appear lighter in colour however depending on the pigments in the animal hair and skin it can tint the bones a little green or tan. While in flame based cremation you will often see charred and grey colour remains due to the nature of the oxidative process.

Benefits of Aqua Cremation

  • A gentle alternative people choose when given a choice
  • Carbon footprint is 1/10th compared to flame based cremations
  • 90% less carbon dioxide emissions
  • Zero-waste
  • Zero harmful emissions
  • 100% mercury free
  • Gentle, quiet & respectful process
  • No burning of fossil fuels
  • 20% more ash returned to families


Aqua Cremation?

90% of pet owners choose this gentle option

20% more ash
returned to family

a natural water
based approach

the Same result
with purer ash remains

a Sustainable