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The Benefits of Aqua Cremation for Pets?

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of aqua cremation as an alternative option flame-based pet cremation and why it is a popular choice for pet owners in Singapore now.

As pet owners, we want the best for our furry friends, even in death. When it comes to laying our pets to rest, we have options, including traditional flame-based cremation and the newer, more environmentally friendly option of aqua cremation also known as water cremation / alkaline hydrolysis / aquamation.

Benefits of Aqua Cremation?

There are many benefits to choosing aqua cremation over traditional cremation for your pet. Here are just a few:

  1. Eco-friendly/Sustainable: This is a much more sustainable option than traditional cremation. A single flame cremation of an average size dog releases approximately 45kg of greenhouse gases. That means as few as 22 dogs can create a metric ton of greenhouse gases. And, each metric ton shrinks Arctic sea ice by roughly 32 square feet – While the math may be oversimplified, the message remains clear: Millions of people and animals are cremated each year, and the impact on the environment is huge. This process on the other hand uses 90% less energy (a significant amount when compared to flame-based cremation) and produces no harmful emissions than traditional cremation, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. 
  2. A Full Cycle Approach: Nothing goes to waste. Alkali used is completely consumed at the end of the process and the water that remains returns to mother nature and ecosystem.
  3. Safe and Clean: The process produces a sterile liquid solution that is safe for the environment. There are no harmful emissions or toxins produced during the process, making it a much cleaner option than traditional cremation.

  4. More Gentle on your Beloved Pet: This water-based process replicates the reductive process similar to decomposition and gentler on the body (Operating below 95 °c) than traditional flame-based cremation, which can leave behind ashes that are coarse and gritty. With Aqua Cremation, the remains can be broken down into a fine powder that is much more delicate.

  5. 20% More Pet’s Bone & Ashes returned to Families: Many think that cremated remains, also known as cremains, are a fine ash or power. In fact, in flame-based cremations, bones are also retrieved after the cremation process and undergo a process which turns it in to “ash”.  Aqua Cremation is similar and families have an option to receive their beloved pet in either bone/ash form. The difference is that in Aqua Cremation, Families receive between 20% – 30% more remains when a pet goes through this water based process when compared to Flame-Based Cremation. This is because the bones/ashes are not subjected to high heat and lost through the strong airflow required into the chimney and out into the atmosphere.
  6. Pet Ashes produced retain a lighter colour: Normal flame-based cremation chars the bones and burn other inorganic items placed into the chamber. This mixes micro-sized remnants from inorganic items such as beddings, fillings, metal implants with your pet’s bone and ashes. Cremains as they call it in flame-based cremation after often course and darker. The bone/ash you receive with your Aqua Cremation on the other hand is purely bone (calcium phosphate) any other inorganic items are left unaffected from the process and will be returned to the family.

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