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Our Story.

About Us

We believe that parting ways needs to be more than just a routined cremation task where flames symbolises the end. 

The life cycle is called exactly that because the end also marks a beginning. The most beautiful thing about nature.

That is why we have a bold vision of revolutionising the funeral industry and recreating a positive experience for families.

There is no easier way to say goodbye, but there is an easier way to say “rest in peace”.

About us

As pet parents who have lost our beloved friends ourselves, we understand the human-animal bond and how important it can be. The loss can be overwhelming at times, but we are here to help.

Also, we want to bring more to funeral services and products as there have been little to no change in the past century, which at times can be distressing and ill-fitting to a modern day home.

Hence, we incorporated modern-day alternatives and solutions for our modern-day society. From technology to unique products & service offerings. Ultimately, with one goal in mind – to give everyone a sense of peace & closure.

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"tested by life's losses."

Meet our Ops LEAD

Meet Joe, a not-so-ordinary Joe.

You may have seen him in multiple TV features on topics covering harmonious living and the protection of animals in Singapore.

Joe has been made it his life mission to wildlife rescue and human-wildlife coexistence. Ensuring safety of wildlife and contribute to the preservation of life on earth.

Previously involved in many notable projects such as the Jurong Island Project which began in 2014, where over 600 dogs were sterilised and rehomed. Working alongside ACRES/ASD/SOSD/Noah’s Ark CARES to provide shelter/food/medical needs.

With over 6 years of experience handling wildlife and with his commitment to wildlife and animals, he looks to also serve the community in both the aftercare and respectful send-offs for all animals.

Some resources regarding Joe’s involvement in the care of wildlife in Singapore:

Resources from Mediacorp


We saw the need for an aftercare company that transparently gave respectful and personal care to our pets. When we came down to it, we wanted to be a company run by pet lovers for pet lovers. We also felt that, in today’s world, being environmentally responsible is an important part of honoring our pets and protecting the world where life flourish in.

Our attention to local needs, customs and environment signifies our commitment and sensitive service for all pet parents in Singapore.

After all, we love Singapore, our little red dot! We would want to see it thrive and survive for generations to come.

Why us?

Credible Technology

Since 1888, this technology has gained recognition from the scientific community and has been utilised in trusted institutions around the world, such as UCLA Medical, and beyond.

Trusted Professionals

Our team as of today, all of which have a background in wildlife rescue and nursing. Many of them still actively participate in volunteer work with local organisations.

accessible Location

A 15 mins walk from Jurong IMM/MRT. Catered to those without personal vehicles.

Comprehensive packages

Range of packages to accommodate all, without compromising any aspect of a well deserved send-off.