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Our Space

Tranquillity. Serenity. Equanimity.

If we could, we would’ve built a physical fortress to house your sadness and your pain. While that’s impossible, we did what we hope is the next best thing: a tranquil space for your to reset, reminisce, and reflect.

Take all the time you need to embrace the fond memories and adorable moments in the comforts of our space.

Our funeral service packages we offer include a  memorial service / funeral visitation and time to spend with your beloved pet before the cremation process.

NAture Inspired

From our design of the space to the furnishing, it was our intention to incorporate nature into our memorial halls. Part of the design works to commemorate nature and the lives of pets who flourish in it.


Environment sustainability

We love our planet and Singapore, our little red dot. We want to see it survive and thrive for generations to come. This is why we have integrated sustainability into our space. Here are just some of the ways we do that in our space.

Eco-friendly / Recycled building materials

We are consistently looking out to find means of repurposing waste/materials. We used wood from an old fish tank cabinet, and repurposed/restored it for carpentry works in our funeral home.

Natural Finishes

We use low to no VOC sealants and paints throughout the space. All plywood materials.

Sustainable Furnitures

We prioritise furniture thrifting to reduce waste! And whenever possible working with sustainable materials. 

Energy Efficient

We optimise the design of space for daylight so that minimal electric lighting is required during daylight hours. LED Lights with low energy heating to reduce electricity usage.

Comforting Design

We chose to be different from traditional memorial halls, which can often be distressing, somber, and gloomy. Our goal was to create a space that could nurture and support families. We designed a modern space with the aim of evoking a serene atmosphere and helping visitors recharge.

A calm and peaceful space, allowing you to reconnect with what really matters.