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What is Aqua Cremation?

What is Aqua Cremation? For centuries, traditional burial and cremation have been the primary methods of handling human remains. And in land-scarce Singapore, we have been limited to mainly flame based cremations for both pets and people.

However, a new process called aqua cremation also known as aquamation / water cremation / alkaline hydrolysis is gaining popularity as a more eco-friendly and gentle alternative. In this blog post, we will explore the process, its benefits, and how it compares to traditional cremation.

After three years of planning, our team at the Green Mortician is grateful to be the pioneer to offer this alternative and make it available in Singapore, paving the way for future generations of pets, and potentially even people in the future.

How does Aqua Cremation work?

Aqua cremation is a safe, natural, and eco-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation or burial. Heat, alkali, flow of water recreates the condition and environment that in nature reduces a body to bone remains – An accelerated version of what takes place in decomposition.

It is a process that uses water and alkaline hydrolysis to break down a pet remains into their basic molecular components (Amino Acids, Salts etc.). Unlike traditional flame cremation, which uses intense heat (up to 1000°c) , Aqua Cremation uses alkaline based water (similar to a river or creek) to break down the body. The process takes place in a specially fabricated stainless steel vessel, which is designed to hold the remains and allow for the water and alkaline to circulate through the body.

What remains is the bones and a sterile liquid solution that is treated in a treatment facility before returning into the eco-system. In some countries this sterile liquid solution is actually used for increasing soil fertility an alternative to chemical based fertilisers.

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In conclusion, this water based alternative is a powerful and sustainable option for pet owners in Singapore who want to give their pets a respectful and eco-friendly final farewell. This innovative process offers many benefits over traditional flame based cremation, including being more gentle on the body, producing fewer emissions, and allowing for more personalised options due to it’s ability to turn into fine ash for keepsakes (necklaces and bracelets). If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and respectful way to say goodbye to your pet, aqua cremation is definitely worth considering.

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